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LancerHacks V

What is LancerHacks?

LancerHacks V is the fifth annual twelve-hour hackathon organized by sfhacks, the student-led programming club at Saint Francis High School. In partnership with the school, LancerHacks will take place in person on Saturday, March 5, 2022, and will host approximately 200 students from local high schools.

Drawing from the strength of our school’s mission to “educate hearts and minds to serve the world,” the theme of LancerHacks V is “Doodle The Future.” We encourage attendees to draw inspiration from the primary nature of scientific and technological development. Feel free to interpret the prompt however you want — get creative!

Supplementing the main project-development element of the hackathon through a variety of challenges and events, LancerHacks will continue to emphasize collaboration among attendees, mentorship by peers and industry experts, attendance at speaker sessions and workshops, and expanding the traditional understanding of computer science and its various daily-life applications.

We encourage interested students with all levels of expertise to attend the event to experience how the power of computer science can be leveraged in numerous fields and how this potential is enhanced when one applies a creative and personal touch. The underlying message of LancerHacks is that computer science is for everyone: it is not just for one type of person; it requires a variety of perspectives, an ability to think outside of the box, and a level of social awareness to identify communities that have the potential to improve in the field of computer science.












Before Lancerhacks



What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event at which programmers of all skill levels can come together and create. They are perfect opportunities to experiment and learn.

Do I need any prior experience in computer science?

Nope! Hackathons are a great place to learn and gain experience; we have plenty of workshops and mentors.

Who can attend?

Anyone currently in high school or 8th grade.

Will there be prizes?

Yes, there will be prizes!

Do I need a team?

No, but we strongly encourage collaboration, so if you don’t have a team, let us know on the RSVP form and we’ll help you find one.

When/where is it?

LancerHacks is taking place on Saturday, March 5, 2022, 7:30 am - 10:00 pm at the Saint Francis Campus. Please check the schedule for more information. All registrants will be sent an email with more information.

Is it free?

Yes! Admission, swag, workshops -- everything is free.

How big are the teams?

Up to four people.

Do I have to stay for the whole event?

No. We understand that everyone has busy schedules and may not be able to stay for the entire event. Contact us to make arrangements.

More questions?

Email us at with any questions you have.



About Saint Francis High School

Founded in 1955 by the Brothers of Holy Cross at the invitation of the Archbishop of San Francisco, Saint Francis High School is a leading coeducational, diverse, Catholic, college preparatory school focused on educating the whole person. With a proven reputation for excellence in academics, athletics, activities and the arts, over 100 faculty members prepare approximately 1700 Saint Francis students for the rigors of college and the challenges of global citizenship in the enduring Holy Cross tradition. Graduating students attend the finest colleges and universities in the nation with 97% of the 2017 graduates admitted to a four-year university and 100% attending college. Saint Francis High School is located in Mountain View, Calif., approximately 35 miles south of San Francisco. For more information, visit

Saint Francis High School, sponsored by the Brothers of Holy Cross, admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin. The school does not discriminate based on disability if the student is otherwise qualified and can, with reasonable accommodations, meet the graduation requirements of the school.

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The Team

Ruhi Yusuf

Ruhi is a sophmore at Saint Francis. She's interested in computer science, robotics, and music.

Avi Rakholia

Avi is a senior at Saint Francis.

Ayush Raj

Ayush is a junior at Saint Francis. In his spare time he enjoys coding and watches the Warriors.

Lino Le Van

Lino is a senior at Saint Francis. He loves programming and wants to share his passion with the world through hackathons like these.

Surya Jasper

Surya is a senior at Saint Francis.

Medha Mahanta

Medha is a sophmore at Saint Francis. She participates in programming club, math team, table tennis.

Nina Le Van

Nina is a freshman at Saint Francis. She partipates in 3D Printing club, 1001 stories, and color guard.

Molly Sullivan

Molly is a Senior at Saint Francis interested in studying product design. She enjoys photography, digital UX/UI design, and collecting design inspiration on the Behance app. LancerHacks was Molly’s first hackathon last year and she is excited to onboard and inspire more beginners in computer science as an organizer this year.

Nitish Gourishetty

Nitish Gourishetty is a junior at Saint Francis High School. Currently he loves immersing himself into the world of technology. In his free time he loves doing things like robotics and building cool machines, as well as other things things like reading, playing the guitar. Nitish hopes to spread his passion of technology.

Pranav Amarnath

Pranav is a junior at Saint Francis. He likes programming, CADing, and robotics.

Rithvik Chavali

Rithvik is a sophmore at Saint Francis. He likes React JS and hopes to work in the industry at some point.

Shlok Shah

Shlok is a senior at Saint Francis. He is an innovative programmer, who is a section leader in band and a part of the programming club.

Swastik Purathepparambil

Swastik is a sophmore at Saint Francis. He is very passionate about marketing and plays basketball.

Angela Xiao

Angela is a senior at Saint Francis. Interested in computer science, rhythm games, and draws occasionally(?).

LancerHacks is organized by sfhacks, the SFHS Programming Club, run by a team of enthusiastic, motivated, and dedicated students.